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I got to Tahiti at 5.00 pm just in time to watch a breathtaking sunset falling behind the island of Morea. I was staying at the Intercontinental, probably the best resort on the island! Mind you, there was not much difference in price between the cheapest and the most expensive...everywhere was dear! I was a bit skeptical about spending £ 200 per night for a double room and breakfast, but it was worth it! It was just unbelievable, I had the best breakfast of my life (well...maybe that is a slight overstatement), but it was just so good, and the choices were countless. The pools were fantastic, and so were the cocktails. Shame that one cost around £ 15. The food was way too expensive to even bother considering it! I filled up by eating loads at breakfast and I survived by eating pop-corns and complimentary olives in the evening.

The Sunday was very very gloomy, it rained for most of the day, and during my 4 wheel drive trip inland I could not really see much of the green hills and mountains...I guess that is life. I was shocked to see how many stray dogs were were walking around the island. One moment they were there, and two minutes later just a lifeless corpse was laying on the road (the islanders did not seem to care and would just run them over without even slowing down)... I then went back to my hotel for a swim in the lovely pool and a for a few more cocktails. I had to wait until half midnight for my plane to the Easter Island. It was actually delayed until 2 pm.

I liked the resort, however I am not so sure about the island. Too many shacks, too pricey and a bit too noisy once you get into the city. Morea looked way more interesting, but I did not have enough time to visit it.

Maybe sometime in the future...

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