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Condor at Colca Canyon

Well, our final night in Cusco was a big one as usual. 8 of us ladies went out for a girlie dinner an 4 of us carried on taking advantage of the free drinks fliers that get thrown at you whenever you walk round Plaza del Armas in Cusco! We ended up in Mama Afrikas and some of the lads joined us later. Ended up going to bed at ooooh, about 630 and we had to leave at 8 !!!! Yes not that bright an idea when you have a 12 hr journey on unpaved roads. Felt very rough all day. We finally arrived in Chivay, a small town ner the Colca Canyon, at about 8 and went for a quick dinner before crashing out at 930. We got up today at 530 (yes I know!) and drove out to the Colca Canyon where we watched the famous condors. Well actually, there were only about 3 to watch but it was pretty cool. They are massive birds. Rather like me after 3 months in South America. Ha ha ha. There's not much to do in Chivay but its a quaint little town so we are just chilling until we drive to Arequipa tomorrow, which is supposed to be a beautiful town.

Adios for now !

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