Desert Storm 2009 travel blog

On the way to Denver

Mark and Kathy are here

Russ and Kathy arrive

a passenger from Dulles

On the road to Avon


No laundry for 2 weeks

Just happy to be here

Aspens starting to change color

hail and snow if you look hard

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek

This is the plan as we know it

Let the vacation begin. We all arrived without incident today. Kathy and Mark got in about 10am and got things set up. We picked up a Nissan Pathfinder (not much different than Steven's old car) but it does have 4 wheel drive.

The ride up from Denver to Avon was a bit interesting. We ran into SNOW and HAIL. Yes, you read that right. We actually had snow flurries on the east side of the mountain range. Several cars had slid off the highway either into ditches or into the guardrail. The ditch seemed to be the better option. The hail was sticking to the road over one stretch and we were a bit concerned about staying on the road. Once we passed through the tunnel and crossed the continental divide the weather improved greatly.

Bobbi cooked all day. We had a great Mexican fajita dinner with a Bobby Flay corn dish - awesome! The cats came out to see us, Dagget got some cuddling in and Norbert at least made an appearance.

Before dinner we took a walk up to the point to get the view of Beaver Creek. Some pictures of that are attached along with general silliness of the arrival.

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