Weis Summer Trip West 2009 travel blog

Hard to see but it is a fox...just reintroduced into Yellowstone

Lower falls in Yellowstone

Our jeep was surrounded by these "burgers"

This one actually hit our side mirror....David almost had a little "buffalo"...

I will never get tired of going to Yellowstone. Of all the National Parks I think this is my favorite....We enjoyed seeing the fox...sorry it is so hard to see him..he actually ran across the road in front of us. The amount of water over the falls is amazing and something you really would not expect to see with all the hot geysers. The grand finale was literally being surrounded by buffalo. We were on the bridge about dusk and had them in front of us, to the side of us, and in back of us. We could not move..Our walk after dinner with Cheyenne was eye opening as well. Again, we came almost eye to eye with some good size deer (Cheyenne wanted to play with them) and then by the river we saw 6 good size otters...We had a great day to say the least!!! Can you believe we are only 1/3 the way through our vacation..what an opportunity and blessing we have been given. Thanks to all of you for your safety prayers...

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