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Cafe in Aladdin, Wy Population 15

Bo at Devils Tower

Circle of Sacred Smoke

Devils Tower from 25 miles away

This weather here is so unpredictable. One day it’s cold the next it’s hot. Today when we got up it was in the 50’s and later in the afternoon it was 86. You just never know. We left today taking a day trip Hwy 34 then Hwy 24 to Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming. On the way we stopped at a little Café in Aladdin, WY with a population of only 15. The food was really good. It was so good that on the way home we stopped again, this time having homemade coconut crème pie. We arrived at Devils Tower around noon, checked out the Visitors Center then hiked the Tower Trail 1.3 miles. This tower is 5,112 feet above sea level and looking up as we hiked around the tower we watched as many as 9 climbers climbing this tower. It was really interesting to watch. On the way out of the park we also stopped at the sculptor “Circle of Sacred Smoke”. This was placed here to increase the awareness of the sacredness of the Tower for the American Indian Tribes. Also, we visited another Prairie Dog Town. We didn’t arrive back at the camp site until 6pm.

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