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Left Bismark and into Minnesota.

Northern Minnesota is beautiful. As you leave ND, the yellows, golds, and beiges turn to a lush green of intermittent flat land and rolling hills. The “10,000” lakes begin to appear; thus, the green, as the plant life sucks up the glorious water not available in the Dakotas. Wheat is replaced by mostly corn, and there are beautiful trees surrounding traditional, and not so traditional, farm houses, located on acres of mowed lawns that stretch along dirt roads, down to the highway. Amazingly, there is no wind. Whereas, the wind never stops in ND. We find our way, with the help of the GPS, to Country Campgrounds, in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. I realize now how much I miss the green. It is greener here in summer, then in most of Oregon. Summer and Fall are good here. The campground owners are really friendly and chatty, and tell us that they designed this park to be RV friendly, because they themselves have a fifth wheel and know how dumb some of the design of the hook-ups are. The owner tells us that this used to be a field of hay. It appears like they own a lot of land. There is a lake on the property, like most farms here, and two houses painted blue and a huge utility building and also a large rec. room. We are reminded by the park owner that by Thanksgiving, Minnesota will be knee-high with snow. His family is out of here by then, and on their way south for the winter. The park closes on October 1. It gets down to 30 below zero here. Hard to believe on this warm, sunny morning, with the dew on the grass and the birds singing happily. The owners have a little shaved Pekinese dog named Missy. There is a statue of a German Shepherd in the library room, and I naturally comment on it. The “Mrs.” Tells me that they have always had GS Dogs in the past, but since they began traveling each winter, when their last beloved pet passed, they decided a smaller dog would be more appropriate. And she adds, it is easier to pick up Pekinese poop, then GS poop. True. But, well, you all know how I feel about that.

The city of Detroit Lakes is lovely. A cross between Bend and Redmond, Oregon. Not touristy though, like many places that are often crowded in the summer time with fisher-people, boaters, and people vacationing and escaping the heat and larger cities. There are few people here this time of year, and we like it that way. I think the people of the city like when the tourists leave as well. The city is immaculate. Both ND and Minnesota’s highways have very little litter, my pet peave, and I am happy. Doesn’t take much folks to make me happy, huh? Today in the city park, the town’s people, a few woman, are clearing out the weeds and caring for the “rain garden”. It appears that they are “Green” in Minnesota too. Homes along the lake are grand and expensive as well, like most coveted property. Many are for sale. What would it be like to live somewhere where snow piles up to your window sills and you have to travel into the next town to Wal-Mart in your snow mobile to do your grocery shopping? We haven’t seen any convenient stores, so planning ahead is the order of the day. Leaves me out.

Dick once again figures out how to get the tv s working, and in early evening after my nappy, we take a walk down the country road towards town. It is nice, but I am anxious because we are told that the mosquitoes come out as soon as it gets dark, and I want to be safe and snug in our home by then. I got a few bites in ND, and being allergic, they not only itch, but swell up and are painful for days on end. Whine, whine, whine. Having recorded two or three NCIS episodes in the afternoon, I cook hamburgers, and we are in our element. Lucy comes out of the bedroom in the evening when it cools down, and honors us with her presence. Really, it is just so she can have dinner I suspect. But she is happier when the sun goes down, and she feels safer in a new place with the new scents and sounds. It is so quiet here, compared to the last few places we spent the night, and it is wonderful! Tomorrow the plan is to explore the territory by car, and hopefully take a hike in a State Park we were told about, and get some exercise. The weather is supposed to be sunny and warm, and I will bring the bug spray, just in case.

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