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Dalhousie Lighthouse, NB


Arran Park, CANADA

August 22, 2009

On the way to the city of Miramichi where we were to stay for the next week, we drove along Hwy 17 from St. Leonard and along what is called The Appalachian Range Route to Campbelton. This took all morning and it was early afternoon before we ended the Appalachian Range part of the scenic drive and entered onto the Acadian Coastal Drive. The first little city on this drive is DALHOUSIE.

We were starved, so we looked for a place to eat that could also accommodate parking the RV. We found a chicken place called Dixie Lee. We were soon to realize that there are Dixie Lee fried chicken places all over New Brunswick, but this was all new to us.

The signs advertising Dixie Lee are pretty funny…she (Dixie Lee) is drawn a lot like Mrs. Jetson

(I can’t remember her first name…but The Jetson’s were a 60’s cartoon). Dixie Lee has on a 1960’s era dress, but it’s her proportions you notice…TINY waist and flaring hips and a rather over sized, jetting (ha,ha) bosom. The hair also reminded me of Mrs. Jetson. Anyway, the chicken was typical fast-food chicken…crispy and hot (and FULL of fat and calories, but GOOD!)…but they served it with GRAVY! This was another fact we were finding out about Canada, or at least French Canadians…EVERYTHING comes with a sauce or gravy!

After lunch we stopped for an hour or so at the Dalhousie lighthouse in Arran Park. It was built in 1870 and is still operational.

This was the highlight of the day. We left Dalhousie and continued south to our campground in Miramichi (Meer-a-ma-shay).

My next journal entries will be for Caraquet and Ile Miscou. Miramichi (Meer-a-ma-chay), where we were camped, is actually south of Caraquet and it will look confusing on the Good Sam map to show Miramichi before Caraquet. Besides, Caraquet and Ile Miscou were so special they require their own journal entries, so I will tell you more about Miramichi AFTER I write about Caraquet and Ile Miscou.

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