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Jo and Tash creating the kebabs

Layla and HER BABY

Jenna and HER BABY

Karl... talking to the sausages

Layla chasing Jaye, Amy with Layla's baby..... oh no!!


The expectant couple!

Layla and Jenna stroking Luca (Nicola's Baby..)

Luca eating grass and Layla with Auntie Nic

Uncle Tony blowing out his candles... with a bit of help!

Today we had two barbies to go to, well deserved after our week's work methinks.

The first one of the day was at Mr & Mrs Nash's for Karl's birthday. We were first to arrive (spot the unemployed people...) and Karl and Tash were putting the finishing touches to one of their usual amazing spreads and Layla was busy entertaining us by picking tomatoes from their garden... much to Tash's annoyance.

One by one the whole gang arrived. Jo, James and Jenna, Dal, Liam, Nic and Luca (who is all grown up), the soon to be married Frazer and Becky, Karl's Ma and Pa, Sarah and Shaun, Abbie and Amy.... who announced they were pregnant! Tash was soon cracking open the champagne for a toast.

Karl started up the barby and we stood around watching him cook and observing the 'pram politics' that were going on between Jenna, Layla and Amy... we heard 'That's MY BABY!' shouted more than once, followed by parents reminding that sharing is fun... yeah right!

It was so great to see everyone, the time went so quickly and we were soon on our way to BBQ No.2, seriously full up, doh!.

It was Steve's Uncle Tony's 70th birthday and most of the Cheese family were in attendance. Unfortunately, we arrived just as Clive and Lucy were taking Alex home to bed but there were lots of people there we hadn't seen for ages, including some cousins that were a lot smaller last time we met... I even introduced myself to one of them because I didn't recognise her.. sorry Zoe!

Steve's Mum had saved me some salmon, so it would have been rude not to eat some more (hee hee).

Everyone was quite merry by the end of the evening, except Steve as he was driving, so lucky old me got a lift home.

A thoroughly enjoyable day, thanks everyone!


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