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Three very busy people

A very happy hoover

Tadaaa! He's a quick learner...

Our view.... I got a bit bored today as you can see

Decorating round up

Man! Why is decorating so sloooooooooooow??!

I quite enjoyed the paper stripping bit and then comes the preparation.. preparation... preparation... my worst nightmare and what with Sergent Major Cheese looking over my shoulder, I can't even cut corners!

After stripping the walls, I then had to go back over them again removing all the last bits of paper, then Steve filled some holes and I had to rub them down.

Skirting boards next I thought, so I went to crack open the paint... 'what you doing!?' S.G. Cheese boomed. Apparently you have to rub these down too... MAN.

So after two days of rubbing down, brushing, cleaning and painting, the hall finally has a coat of paint on the woodwork.... what...?... I have to do more than one...??? DAMMIT!

While I was doing this seemingly pointless job (who looks at the skirting boards for goodness sake?!), Steve was moving plug sockets, (with the help of his friend Dan), fitting architraves, chasing in wires, filling holes.... again, these seem slightly more interesting than my jobs..... hmmmmmmm.

Things moved a bit faster by the end of the week (only because we got someone else in to do it) when we had our fireplace and lounge ceiling plastered. They started at 1 in the afternoon and finished at 8, a bit of a long day making tea and trying to stay out of their way but we were really pleased with the results.

Now we have paint and wallpaper just waiting to be used once the plaster is properly dry... mmmmm, I wonder how long the wait is to get on 60 Minute Makeover....?


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