Weis Summer Trip West 2009 travel blog

Tetons-check out those models in front with the new Stetsons....

Up close and personal....these are so majestic

Winding through the Tetons - we found this on our long Jeep...

Jeep trek way out away from the Tetons...this is looking back to...

What a FANTASTIC day we had....All three of us piled in the Jeep early and took out for an adventure...and adventure is what we found....Great scenes and places that were so far out they had to pipe in sunshine (that one is for you Dad)...Had an awesome lunch at the Jenny Lake Lodge where the butter came out looking like a moose! Betcha never have had moose butter..haha Did some hiking and lots of riding. In the evening we went to the Bar J Ranch and had a real cowboy dinner with a show. The show as so great we would definitely go back...But now it is time to move on.....more to come---stay tuned!!!

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