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Site #3 at RV Tourist Campground

Our route today: East on I-94 from Medora, North Dakota to Valley City, North Dakota

Around midnight last night, the STRONG odor of skunk woke me. I assumed that a skunk had either passed thru the campground or had been hit on the road nearby. I did not fully wake, ignored the smell, and went back to sleep. This morning, I could still smell the skunk odor.

After breakfast, I went outside and as I walked closer to the back of our 5er the skunk odor was stronger. I also saw that a large Class A motor home was parked behind us that was not there when we went to bed last night. The skunk odor was coming from the motor home area. As the sun increased the temperature, the odor got stronger. We noticed that the woman from the motor home was sitting a good distance away with a mad look on her face.

Because of the holiday weekend, the campground was full. We knew when we set up last night that our spot was only available for one night. Cheryl went to the campground office to inquire about possible cancellations. She also mentioned to the campground owners that if we would stay another night, we would want to move our trailer away from the motor home due to the skunk smell.

We noticed that the man from the motor home was nervously arranging chairs, pouring coffee for his wife, and setting out the newspaper for her. Obviously there was some friction going on over there. Maybe an issue about hitting the skunk? Maybe because he got home from work late and that they had rolled in so late? Who knows?

The campground owners came to investigate the smell as others evidently had also mentioned it. Soon after, the campground owners rolled a large pressure washer over and asked the motor home owner to try to wash the underside of their rig to try to reduce the smell. Actually the more he washed, the more the odor increased. The sun was quickly heating up the air, and with the water from the pressure washer spreading the stink in a wider area, things just got worse.

We decided it was time to move on. Cheryl let the campground owners know that they did not have to find another spot for us, and we hit the road.

The scenery today was mostly cattle and grain fields. Lots of cattle trucks hauling future steaks to market, and lots of large round bales being shuttled up and down the highway.

The ambient temperature in Valley City was a lot cooler than what is was in Medora yesterday. We stumbled onto a little out of the way run down campground near I-94 that was less than half full and decided it was good enough for one night. We sat in our lawn chairs watching the traffic stop at the liquor store and gas station across the street until the bugs drove us inside. The liquor store appeared to be quite popular on a Saturday night. There were several rigs near our site but we never saw another person. During the night we heard a couple vehicles pull in and stop. It appeared that the other rigs were owned by people possibly working in the area temporarily as they were obviously not moved in some weeks.

Tomorrow we should be able to cross Minnesota and are planning to stop in Wisconsin for the evening.

Weather at start: 57° F – sunny and clear

Miles start / stop / total today / total trip 15,597 / 15,877 / 280 / 9,578

Altitude 1,266 ft.

End location for the day: RV Tourist Campground Site #3, Valley City, North Dakota

(46° 55’ 24’’ N, 97° 59’ 41’’ W)

Weather at stop: 82° F – sunny and clear

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