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Here are a few photos of the parade. Small boys in small...

....and big boys in small cars.

There were several of these VW "dune buggies" in the parade.

And several big boys with small horses.

Even the mailman had a small horse.

French hens? We didn't understand everything we saw.

There were several music groups on flat-bed trailers. Music is a very...





Couldn't quite appreciate the humor - needed a translation I guess.

Several just plain corny entries.


This with the next two photos was my favorite entry.

The oysters were really cute.


A few commercial entries. This little trailer pulled by an ATV is...

After the parade it was off to the fair grounds.

These two guys opened the entertainment. Both were very good.

We sampled a French treat called Râpure. Ground potatoes with spices baked...

Some shots of the horse pull competition. These are very big, very...





On PEI almost all the homes we've seen are very neatly kept...

(Ron Writing) Yesterday the front roof vent cover broke. There is no RV dealer in the Amherst area so I tried to repair it with epoxy. That isn’t working very well and this morning it developed even more cracks. I’ve covered the vent opening with a heavy plastic bag secured with a bungee cord and we’re hoping that holds until we can get a replacement cover.

This afternoon we drove a short distance west to Abram-Village which is the heart of what is referred to as the Evangeline Region of PEI. This area has a heavy Acadian population and this is the weekend for the annual Acadian Agricultural Exposition and Festival for the Evangeline Region (my translation of the French name for the festival). We got here just in time to watch the parade and then we walked to the fairgrounds to enjoy some great music, food, and fun activities.

There was a two hour music and dance performance by several local musicians and step dancers. Most of the groups had one fiddle, one guitar, and one electric keyboard. There were no vocals but many step dancers performed.

This is a big festival with thousands in attendance. A show of hands indicated that a large percentage of the attendees were from New Brunswick but also quite a few from Nova Scotia.

We enjoyed watching the horse-pull. Huge Belgian and Percheron horses compete to drag a very heavy “sled” over the bare ground. The sled has a flat steel bottom and as the competition progresses they keep adding large concrete blocks. By the end they had 8,000 pounds and the strongest team of two horses was still able to drag it for about 5 feet.

It was very windy last night and all morning. By noon the winds died down but it never got above about 68°. It’s starting to feel like Fall!

During the festivities we parked on the school parking lot and since tomorrow is Labor Day in Canada also, there won’t be school so we’ll stay parked here tonight.

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