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Roma wedding in Burgas

Burgas Formula I

Lidia at Black Sea Nessebar

Lidia & Allen at Nessebar Gates

Plovdiv digital time

Waiting for the play to begin, Plovdiv Roman theater

Urban zoning masterplan; 4th + 19th Cent

Plovdiv minaret

Sink or Shower, that is the question !

After 'hookah' lunch with Zlatka & her mom in Istanbul, we rode with them to Burgas. Uneventful border crossing, though it entails about five seperate stages. We've heard those can at times take hours; took us ~20 minutes, though being with a Bulgarian citizen was obviously advantageous. Went birding to nature reserve on Saturday, though learned we missed the southern migration of 10's of thousands of storks by two days !

Sunday went to Nessebar; an almost island town of 10,000 on the Black Sea coast north of Burgas. It's history goes back more than 5,000 years.

Did spend a few hours those two days sorting out a cell phone; communal effort, but we're 'connected' !

Tomorrow, Monday, we take a bus to Plovdiv in southern central Bulgaria. From there we'll make our way to Sofia.

Will post some more pics when I find a computer that doesn't crash when I connect the camera !


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