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slug? or snake?

Amun - more closely associated with the Ram

Avenue of the Lammies

BAAAAA !!!!!

This morning, we decided to get out to visit the Amun Temple Enclosure at Karnak. It consists of many different temples and the site is a sprawling 1.5km by 800m. For over 1500 years, the temples were restored and expanded. There are 2 huge obelisks, and a large sacred lake where the priests of Amun used to bathe.

Many of the temples are still intact and there is an avenue of huge stone sheep!! BAAAA!!! (Well, rams, actually) :)

It was hard not to be impressed by the sheer size of this site!

Later in the afternoon, we had a latte with Hiram and headed over to McDonald's (hey, it was the only way to see the Luxor Temple as it was closed from 1pm to 5pm). as we dined on FishMacs (Big Mac with Filet O'fish patties) and Chicken Big Macs, we admired the temple across the street.

Then it was off for our 16 hr bus ride to Dahab on the Sinai Penninsula (by the Red Sea) for some R&R.

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