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16 kilos of my worldly possessions in my backpack.. christened Gulliver.

Farewell 9 Loreto Park, Cill Chainnigh

Dad, Mum and Me

Go the Black and Ambers

Sally and Gerard at the airport. Ostensibly happy to see the back...

Parting is such sweet, eh, sorrow !!

If you crash my car Sally, you're dead :-)

Headline News.. The Four in a Row for Kilkenny

The reality of not being home for nearly 9 months really set in in my final hours at home in Kilkenny (KK). But an epic All Ireland hurling final with Cody & Co bringing 'The Four in a Row' to the banks of The Nore had to be a good omen surely? The KK team's Homecoming on Monday 7th Sept coincided with my departure date. KK was awash in Black and Amber as I bid farewell to my folks and family, Bangkok-bound. My Mum cooked up a great fry agus bhi an grian ag scoilteadh na gcloch for once.. another good omen!

On departure:

- My rucksack weighed 16 kilos, as verified at the Aer Lingus check-in counter (that's a 55 litre bag for the hikers amongst you). After much agonising I went for one withOUT wheels. A decision I may well live to regret. Alot of hard decisions had to be made about what to take. Despite Gerard trying to convince me that certain things were just not 'necessary' when backpacking, the epilady and a pair of stiletto shoes (that go with everything..)made it into the bag. Standards, standards, standards I replied! I also weighed myself: 52 kilos on departure. That is a bit lighter than usual I think, which I put down to nerves and the fact KK is now a choc-free zone since my Dad is off sweet things.

The changing kilos (rucksack and me) will be an interesting trip barometer as I make my way across the world given variations in diet, vanity, yoga/running locations worldwide etc.

- Top of my Worry List were

1 coming head to head with rats or other creatures from the Animal Kingdom.

2 losing my passport / money

3 having my rucksack stolen

4 getting sick from food poisoning

5 being hungry and not being able to eat the food 'cos of the look of it

Sally and Gerard dropped me off to the airport. No Tears. Once on the plane to Heathrow and then Bangkok, there was no going back!

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