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We have two bridge openings today. The first openings in months.

Entering Bath

largest employer in Maine.

Do you say any of these?

320 HP hit and miss. Built even before Sue was born -...

BAth Iron Works, started in the early 1800's makes mostly ships for...

If the birds need to air their wings, I gues John does...

Fort Popham - built to keep us rebels out of Lennebec River....

We pass these guys alot. Sometimes they get within a few feet...

Built of the same hull as the Bluenose we saw in Canada,...

John had been researching different paths to navigate along the Maine coast and along with Voyager, we plot a quite complicated course to go to Bath. We inquire with locals about taking many streams and rivers to get to Bath, going thru some strong currents, and bridge openings. We learn that it is not only a safe travel as long as we are careful with watching our way, but a beautiful run. We also learn that when Champlain first explored N. America, he thought he was on the St. Lawrence River when he first arived here, before going to the St. Lawrence. So, we just had to take this route. We leave boothbay early to ride the tide, since it is strong and go thru Tpwnsands Gut to the Sheepscot river that than connects to Goose Rock Passage, then to Knubble Bay that takes us to Hockamock Bay then into Sasanoa River, then connecting to the Kennebec River where we enter Bath. We pass by many litehouses, rocks, and islands along with many amazing sites on land. Truly one of the best days of this trip and we definitely recommend everyone take this route. There are anchorages around every bend, and NO lobster traps - LOL. This run was a mix of the Georgian Bay, the best of the ICW along with Maine's charm thrown in. We dock at the Kennebec Tavern dock, while no amenities, we are in a good spot to see the museum, which is the major attraction for here. This town is a huge shipbuilding town for the Navy now, but have had many boat yards here dating from the beginning of our great country's beginnings. We spend most of the day learning about ships and see shops where they restore old wooden ships. 6 msted ships were evne built here. We eat a neat chocolate called Needham's which have a mashed potato insides, but was really tasty.

We left the next day for South Freeport, the home of L.L. Bean. L.L. stands for Leon Leonwood (no wonder why he called himself LL - LOL). Our travel day was again beautiful with a real nice run down the Kennebec river with again many picture opportunities and sightseeing. More sun, but the seas were slightly. We are spoiled with anything more than a ripple, we now call high seas - LOL. Touring this place is nice, if you like shopping 24 hrs/day. We taxi there in the evening, eat supper and walk around the various shops. We were taken there by the Garmin GPS guy who was here visiting customers (he is from Kansas headquarters). John sees him walking the docks, stops him for a chat and the next thing you know, he is on our boat giving us free updates for our GPS and showing us some neat tricks. Voyager II, who has been having some issues with their GPS receives much help from him, with him spending well over an hour with them solving all kinds of issues and showing them many more tricks. He would not take a dime from either of us. Most of our electronics on Just Relax are Raymarine, and we have received terrible service from them. We had Garmin on our last boat, and sure do miss the great service they provide. We taxi back to the boat, getting ripped off by the cab driver. We learn the hard way and get a different cab the next day for 1/2 the price. We eat at the Jameson Tavern, where Maine began their "war" top secede from Mass. I guess even way back then, they did not like the tax methods of that very liberal state - LOL. Our purchases are quite modest, so we are proud of not spending too much, but we did get some good buys, but we are disappointed that the prices in general are no better than one gets right of the catalog. However, the experience was worth the effort to see this place.

We plan on making Portland, the largest city in Maine tomorrow.

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