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Quivertree forest

John petting cheetah

Igloo in desert

To break up the long drive back to Cape Town, we spent a night in a fiberglass igloo (strangest place we've stayed so far) near the Quivertree Forest National Monument.

The guesthouse (or igloo, rather) where we stayed was also a sanctuary for orphaned and injured animals. They family kept 4 cheetahs, a warthog, a one-legged dog and many other pets. The cheetah were kept in huge enclosures and we were able to see them get fed and to pet them while they were eating. Beautiful cats. Initially, we thought the owner may have kept the cheetahs as a corny tourist attraction, but it was obvious that he genuinely cared about conservation and put a lot of time and effort into public education and trying to ensure that cheetah were able to survive in the wild. Unfortunately, it appears the Namibian government is not so interested so he spends a lot of time fighting with the bureaucrats.

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