Weis Summer Trip West 2009 travel blog

Did we make it or not?

THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME!! This obviously was a "before" picture because we looked nothing like this at the end. It was a beautiful day to be on the Arkansas River. This was definitely a "four hour tour"!!! Our guide, Kyle, was a cute 26 year old that gave us the ride of our life...Before the trip he told us of various situations we could get into..like getting stuck on a rock, flipping over, etc. I was a little apprehensive since the last rafting trip I was on was with my Dad, David, my brother, Jimmy and other family but it ended up with our raft going down a waterfall about 10', backwards and flipping over.. I was on the bottom of the river with Jimmy on top of me, the wind knocked out of me knowing I was doomed! Anyway, back to THIS trip!! With the four of us in a raft with Kyle we had every situation happen from getting stuck, being in a "bathtub" to all having to go to the front, all having to go to the back, all having to go to the right, all having to go to the left AND most fun of all, my brother, Scott falling out - me trying to grab him - "him" pulling me in (thanks Bro!!) it was a little hairy...We both bumped and hit and it took a bit to pull us both in as we were heading down the river pretty fast!!!! It was a BLAST!! (now that we are on dry land) Wish you all could have been here..Hugs,

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