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Bryde's Whale - beached with calf at Bahia San Francisquito

Beach at Bahia San Francisquito

Underwater pix in Animas Slot

Guitar fish - taken at Animas Slot

Manta Ray - taken at Animas Slot

Veligero Octupus seen in Animas Slot

Cindy trying to stay cool and enjoying a good book

Fish camp at Punta Islotes in Animas Bay

Our Pelican friend and Distant Shores protector

Sunset from El Quemado

Swimming with a whale shark - unfortunately poor visibility

Whale shark coming toward us feeding

Moon rise over small village at La Mona

Bahia Los Angeles village - where there were 2 small grocers where...

Looking NE to the islands from BLA

Looking NE to la Roca at Isla Coronado

Another Veligero Octopus found at Puerto Refugio at northern tip of Isla...

Cindy cleaning the stainless and showing off her new hairdo (NOT!!!)

East side of Angel de la Guardia enroute to Estanque

Our Dorado being bled until we get to anchor

Fin whale seen from Isla Estanque to Isla Partida

Our 89 nm adventure from Kino to Los Cocinas at least gave...

Cindy's latest mode of transportation at Bahia San Pedro

Bahia San Pedro

As the title indicates this is the dry rundown of what we have been doing this past 1 ½ months since re-provisioning and leaving Santa Rosalia. We had an exciting motor sail north experiencing both strong ebb and flood currents. The ebb came when the wind died and the fan belt broke on the engine causing instant overheating. While Gary was trying to convince the engine to cool down so he could replace the belt, tighten the alternator and re-fill the coolant, Cindy was busily sailing except due to the current she was moving progressively backwards. Fortunately after an hour we re-started but the delay was enough to cause us to go around San Francisquito point at night. Lots of fishing boats about to add to the confusion but we did get the anchor set and slept. The next morning we awoke to VHF chatter about a female Bryde’s whale with calf beaching itself. We, of course, had to investigate. From there we went through San Lorenzo channel still heading north to Animas Slot where we stayed in a cute cove that had room for only one boat. Great privacy, swimming, shelling beach and snorkeling. From there we bounced from anchorage to anchorage around animas bay until we reached El Quemado where we stayed for 4 nights. After that we went into Bahia Los Angeles to La Mona. As we were getting ready to set the anchor we saw a whale shark. We quickly got set, put the dinghy in the water and took off for the whale shark to swim with it. While out, there was a 6+ earthquake with epicenter not more than 15 miles from us followed by 2 5+ aftershocks. We never felt them but heard many stories from others. Yes we did swim with the sharks over the 2 days at that anchorage. Went into BLA for some food then headed to the Isla Ventana where we swam and snorkeled for 3 days before heading to Puerto Don Juan and back to BLA for more provisions. From there we continued further north to Isla Coronado where Cindy finally broke down and said something needed to be done with her hair!!! So, she had Gary cut it – check out the photo. Gary is VERY proud of his first haircut but Cindy CRIED for days – go figure!!! We then went to Este Ton, once Cindy got the tears out of her eyes, on the southwest side of Isla Angel de la Guardia. We were visited by a pelican here who not only fell in love with the boat but also became very protective of her. He did not want to let us back on board while we were out swimming. After several rolly and uncomfortable nights we took the long trek up to Puerto Refugio which is at the far northern end of the Isla Angel de la Guardia. We only stayed 2 nights as there were some severe currents coming and the weather forecast was for some high northerly winds. So, we headed 42 nm south along the east side of the island to it’s SE end to an anchorage called “the pond” at Isla Estanque. It was flat calm and we got some great rest. We did catch a Dorado on the way down and had a fellow cruiser filet and cook it for us – very good! We also found some lobsters (rock rabbits or bugs) which went on the Barbie and tasted oh so good with melted garlic butter. After Estanque we went to Isla Partida where we enjoyed another 4 nights with fellow cruisers. Heck, we even found some more rock rabbits that ended up on the Barbie again. Go figure. From there we said adios to our cruising buddies as they were all staying in the BLA area while we were going to venture east across the sea. So we went to Punta Willard on the east side of Isla Tiburon where we stayed 4 nights before poking our heads in to the anchorage at Isla San Esteban feeling it was unsafe and motorsailing to the SE side of Tiburon to Dog Bay. We let out the fishing hook and immediately caught a Yellow Footed Boobie – we reeled it in watching as he slowly came backwards to the boat bouncing and flapping then finally resting appearing to enjoy the ride. Once we got him on deck we found the hook in his butt requiring some simple surgery. Once loose he flew away. He won’t be able to sit for a while. We only stayed one night as the anchorage was untenable (waves and wind) so headed across to Kino where we anchored and bought some food supplies (and an ice cream cone). Once back at the boat we went to the south end of the bay hoping to anchor and spend the night but the local fisherman had different ideas with their pots and nets strewn throughout the area. So we took off late afternoon for Los Cocinas 42 nm to the SE. We had enough wind to sail so shut down the motor and proceeded to travel 89 nm to cover the 42nm distance. What can we say the wind was never coming from the right direction. We did catch another Dorado – Yumm. We stayed in Los Cocinas one night as the northers were predicted again so moved to Caleta Venicia where we also stayed just one night choosing to move to Bahia San Pedro where we stayed for 4 days. Because of Hurrican Jimena we decided to pull in to the marina at Bahia Algodones which is only 6 miles from San Carlos and 15 miles from Guaymas.

If you want to see this graphically go to this web site and click the plus button 4-5 times to zoom in closer then hover your mouse over each of the dots to see the location name.


Cheers you all.

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