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Saturday at Panauti

Elad and Sadho

Mother and child, washing

Krishna Lal and family

washing rugs

Temple where 2 rivers meet

Tibetian mother and child

Walking up the hill above Panauti

View from a hill above Panauti

After a day of adjustment in Katmandu, we've decided to leave the crowded city into the valley; we took the local bus to Panauti, a village at the end of the Katmandu valley. After a 2 hours rocky bus ride, going native, we arrived to Panauti at evening time. After checking in to the local Hotel California (in which we were the only guests, we later found out we were the only tourists in the village..), we went to tour the dark village looking for a place to eat. We found a local restaurant- a room of 2mX3m, candle lights, walls which have never seen soap, serving simple Dahl Bat, luckily they gave me a spoon (Elad continued to eat with his hands like the locals did..). A poor orphan child with a cross on his neck entered the room, and we invited him to join us. He was very interested in my Hebrew Lonley Plant, which was then passed with interest among the 8 locals in the room. When the elctricity came back, all the people said a blessing, after drinking milk tea we took our goodbye for the night.

The next morning, Saturday, which is the holy day of the Hindu’s as well, a day of laundry, washing, family (in that order)…

We went down to the temple where 2 of the rivers meet (and the legend tells about a third hidden river), where Elad had met his equivalent Sadho.

On the way down after climbing a hill above Panauti,

we met Krishna Lal, who was walking down from a wedding with “power plants” in his hands. He invited us to his house, where we set with his family, heard about their lives and told about ours (although some language barriers) drank Chiya (tea) and learnt how to eat corn the Nepali way (Yoti- u would love it!). In the picture you can see Krishna Lal and his family.

To be continued…

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