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Texas RV Ranch Swimming Pool

Texas RV Ranch Swimming Pool

Typical Campsite at Texas RV Park

Interstate Interchange in Fort Worth, TX

View of I-35W leaving Fort Worth, TX

During the last few days of June and the first days of July, 2009, my wife and I along with our five year-old granddaughter and seventeen year-old grandson took a trip to Burleson, TX, from Cedartown, GA. We left Georgia on June 29 and headed west out I-20. It was quite an experience for us with our grandson driving the Winnebago Adventurer for the first time. Due to my having been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about two years prior to this, I am unable to drive the motor home. My wife is the main driver. On this trip our grandson got his first experience behind the wheel of this 35 foot long coach. We were also towing a minivan on a tow dolly. As we got through Birmingham, AL, my wife pulled over and let our grandson take control. He did a great job for his first experience driving our rig as he drove out I-20 to Meridian, MS. Here my wife took the wheel. We arrived in Vicksburg, MS, where we spent our first night of the trip. The next morning we were getting ready to leave when the Dodge Grand Caravan would not crank. We had to call for roadside assistance to get the minivan on the tow dolly. We headed out I-20 again. Shortly after crossing into Texas, my wife asked what the grandson was doing. He heard her and came forward to see what she needed. He then took the driver's seat and drove west out I-20 and took the exit to Tyler, TX. This was his first experience driving on roads other that the interstate. He was somewhat nervous, but he got us safely to a friend's house where we camped out on her driveway overnight. The next day we left for Burleson, TX, with my wife behind the wheel again. We missed our turn and ended up driving through some narrow roads using our GPS navigator to get us to I-20. Once we hit I-20 west toward the Fort Worth area, we were on our way. It was a beautiful drive and everything was going along smoothly. As we headed south of Dallas along I-20, we were amazed at this lovely area. Suddenly as we made our approach to head south on I-35W toward Burleson, my wife's phobia set in. She has a fear of heights. The bridge connected I-20 with I-35W is very high. She said,"This is not fun." Our granddaughter enjoyed this high in the air ride. We found the Texas RV Ranch in Burleson, TX, where we had reservations for three nights. This was a lovely RV park. We spent much of our time during the day in their beautiful pool. During the evenings we visited family members who reside nearby. While there we had hydraulic troubles and called a mobile RV repairman. He spent about half of the day on July 2 attempting to make repairs and was to return on July 3, He never returned and we did not hear from him. On Saturday morning, July 4, we hit the interstate for our return trip to Georgia. My wife was driving. As we approached Shreveport, LA, our grandson took the wheel and drove across the state of Louisiana. When we came to the Mississippi River, he drove across like a pro. We drove into the Magnolia RV Park to spend the night. We were somewhat disappointed with this park as it did not meet up to what we expected from their website that we had visited before leaving from Georgia. That evening we went to the river levee to view a spectacular fireworks display. The barge was out on the Yazoo River just before emptying into the Mississippi River. We all enjoyed these fireworks lighting up the night sky. Afterwards was a challenge for my wife and me. We had walked down the hill about three blocks to watch the show. On our return trip to our minivan, we both were short of breath. We would walk one block and then have to sit down on bench to rest. Thanks to the assistance by our grandson, we made it back to our van. On Sunday, July 5, we headed east on I-20 for our "roller coaster" ride. By the way, in case you are not aware of this, I-20 is not a smooth ride. The road has many ups and downs. It is not an ideal highway to travel in a motor home. My wife's spine was jammed from this trip, and spent several visits to the chiropractor after returning home. We met both of our daughters at the Cracker Barrel in Bremen, GA, before returning home. What a trip full of memories!

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