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We see many lobster boats. They work so hard.

Bath Harbor Head Lite

Weathervane is popular here. Belfast

This was carved on one of our dock poles

Belfast Town dock

Getting a ride on the Camden Tender from our mooring

Camden Harbor & Just Relax on mooring

Camden canal

The Yankees here call it the Great Rebellion? Are they crazy? It...

Sue shell hunting.

Little House on the Island. We see much nice sights as this.

Tennets Harbor where they bring in catch of day, small restaurant, and...

Dodgin lobster traps. Can you see the way thru?

In dry dock. We get to tour.

8/28 - we sadly leave yet another gem of a harbor and head out on yet another lovely weather day for Belfast. We are getting spoiled with all this great weather after so much crummy weather in Canada. today was a long day for us Maine-wise, 6 hrs. We see more pleasure boaters today than we have seen for the entire run from Quebec City to here, a period of months. Arriving in Belfast, we decide to see the movie The Basterds, with Brad Pitt at an old movie house in town. It was pretty gruesome, but not bad. We enjoy the town docks after mooring, and tour around as we do in most small towns. We never get tired of seeing what the locals have to offer, being so proud of their history, of which they should. Most all towns have a deep history. They are having a street arts festival while here, so we get to enjoy yet more local flavor, getting to meet many nice folks who are most helpful when they find out we are on a boat from NC. We missed yet another hurricane, and feel so blessed. Judy cooked an outstanding stuffed chicken supper for us with Sue making her world famous rice casserole. A local pub that specializes in stuffed pork chops was our fare the next night. By the way, speaking of not seeing many boats, we learned that we were only the 18th pleasure boater to visit the town docks in Eastport this season while we were there.

On 8/30, we leave for Camden which was one of our favorite stops on the entire trip. We travel as close to shore as possible today so we can see more of beautiful Maine. Again, more calm seas and sunny days are with us, allowing us not only to see and enjoy more, but make it easier to not hit the plethora of lobster pots. After going to a lobster museum, we learn more of the different ways they set traps enabling us to better navigate them. There is a animal rights movement here to eliminate floating lines (usually polypropylene, to reduce whales, seals, etc from becoming trapped. Getting to stay in Belfast an extra day to allow the 9 ft. seas to calm, allowed us to see even more of this neat little town. Les decided that he wanted stuffed lobster, but none of the local resturants have it, so he negotiated with a chef at noon to make us up 4 for supper, stating that we'd be there promptly at 6:00 to eat them. He gladly obliged and where we got there, he was ready for us, and wow, they were great. He did not charge us one penny more versus their regular price either.

Leaving next for Tennet's Harbor where we took a mooring ball again. Today was the last day of the season with the only local place to eat shutting down, so we are lucky to eat more lobster that was fresh off the boat today. This place is mainly for the fishermen, so the local dock is teeming with them loading and unloading.... We walk around seeing the homes of this working town and ride our dink around the harbor some, allowing us to re-build confidence in the repairs that John and Les did. It appears that the Johnson outboard is real tough.

Arriving in Boothbay Harbor, yet another of our planned stops, we tie up at a real marina, Boothbay harbor Marina, and enjoy the luxuries they have to offer (water and electricity - LOL). This harbor is yet another amazingly beautoful harbor, making us wear out a set of batteries taking pictures. Sue gets to see many critters today along the way, and we got to run inside and out of many little islands. This is really fun cruising. Temperatures in the 70's today, allowing us to wear some shorts. The sailing vessel Old Baltimore tall ship was moored here. We saw this boat under sail in Pictou, New Brunswick several weeks ago. It travels on goodwill tours, having been to 42 countries now. There is an old piano pin bowling alley on an alley way that John found, but we did not play, even though we wanted to, but we watched them play some. It reminds us of our youth when there were only these type alleys around with kids setting up the pins versus the auto-setter they have now. This is a very touristy town, so we visit many shops, and enjoy local fare, including the required local blueberries via pies, ice cream.... We do much sightweeing, wearing out our legs.

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