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Was that supposed to happen....?

Hang on I think I've got the rough deal here!

I want a go of the hammer!


The last time it was decorated... nearly 20 years, not bad

I thought I'd give a little round up of our week, as we've been busy bees since we've been back.


We were a tad knackered this morning but we had a few jobs to do before we could get going with the decorating.

First we had to get rid of loads of wood in the loft, that had been uncovered when we had our insulation done. This would give us room to put our cases back up there (sniff..) and clear some space in the lounge.

In the afternoon, Steve went to meet Dan for a couple of drinks at the newly refurbished Peterboat and I took the opportunity to catch up on some more washing.... and err.. sleeping, mmmmmm.


We took a trip to Homebase today and stocked up on scrapers, paint testers, wallpaper paste and we found some wallpaper we liked in the sale section which was a bit of a bonus.

Our (well Steve's) job for the afternoon was to fix the back fence. I thought it was falling down because of age but then realised it's because the kids had been using it as a ladder to get over their fence at the back. So we foiled their game by boarding up the back... mean old nasty neighbours!

Wednesday & Thursday:

We started the decorating at last (bout time eh?). My job was to strip the wallpaper in the hall, Steve went to his ma & pa's to pick up the steamer and then he started dismantling the fireplace.

We had a visit from the plasterer to give us a quote on the lounge ceiling and smoothing over the fireplace and also a plumber who capped our gas pipe properly under the floorboards.

Stopping only to take trips to the tip and eat (of course) we have made a good start over the last couple of days. Time for some fun at the weekend now!


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