Bryan's Rwanda Experience 2009 travel blog

Sorry I have not updated my blog the last few days. I have been without a computer as the laptop I brought was for a friend here in Rwanda. Once we met up I gave her the computer which left me without. I look forward to sharing my whole experience with each of you the next time we get together. I have been asked by a number of people here in Rwanda what I have learned while I have been here. Initially, I have thought of all the cultural things I have learned while we have been working in the community. I also think of the things I have learned about the work of World Vision in Rwanda and how World Vision works with the community and the children. But, if I had to sum up my trip in one word I would have to say, "Forgiveness". I have seen and heard how some of the stories of the people in Rwanda and how they have worked very hard to forgive the events of 1994. In some cases forgive the people who have done unimaginable things to them and their family. Now, I am not saying that everyone in Rwanda is at the same place of forgiveness but many are working at it with the help of World Vision and the government. Another thought that is tough to comprehend if you can get to the forgiveness point, is the fact that some of these people are "best friends". I think this one will take me a long time to understand. I do feel that none of this is possible without the forgiveness of Jesus Christ in the lives of each one of us. It is with his help that each of us can move on in our lives when tragic strikes. Some of the friends I have met in these couple of weeks are living proof that it can be done. My hope for myself and everyone I know is that when something goes wrong we will find the strength to forgive and move on. We cannot control the hearts and minds of others. We can only control how we handle what life gives us. May God bless each of you in your life. I thank you again for following my journey this year and I do look forward to seeing each of you soon.

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