the entrance

The entrance gate

A nice welcome sign

the long and winding road from the gate

Out our back window we see the cabins

across the expanse of grass, so if you don't have an RV...

the play area for kids is fabulous

Dave wants to do this!

Oh boy! entertainment on Sat nite.

The magician was great!

More around the park

You know we like mini golf. it the only place,

Dave can get par 72,

on the front 9 !

So inviting....

We like the true park setting

Then there's Grandy Creek,

in all it's glory. Yes, there are fish in there!

can't fish! Pick blackberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they're all around.

Our friends Jerry and Sally came to the rescue.

they helped pack us up the nite before and met us at...

First and foremost we want to report, Dave is feeling much, much better. He's almost off the Percoset totally, maybe in 2 days. But, since he is feeling better he has to be extra careful not to overdue the physical stuff, you know picking things up over 5 lbs, stretching, twisting, bending.

It's a huge story, this is gonna take a while. Because Dave is feeling so much better we can move, this move is only 25 miles but a nice, welcome move nonetheless. When we landed at TTN Mt Vernon we learned that they had 30 amp only sites and that the power was "weak" and for us to be careful with "sensitive" electronics. We normally don't mind Electric/Water only sites, what with our waste tanks being as large as they are we can go a week or more, before they need emptying. But with "weak" power to boot, pinging and bumping the heatpumps, knocking off line the TV, stereo, clocks and everything else plugged in. There is just so much Dave and Becky could take being worried about their equipment before something just had to be done. So when Dave felt halfway well, he quickly called into Thousand Trails reservations to get moved over to Grandy Creek. When reservations were set then he called on friends, Jerry & Sally, who live in the area for assistance to come help pack us and unload us in Grandy Creek. It's a humanitarian and real friend who'll come to you aid like that. We thank them several times each and every day we're here. TTN/KOA Grandy Creek is such a nice spot. The staff here is plentyful and friendly, our space is a very strong 50 amp, FHU (full hook up)site. The park is warm and breezy, with terrific accompdations, facilities and Grandy Creek itself is very inviting to any flyfishing bug, too bad Dave, you'll only have to watch.

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