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Beautiful St Malo beach at Low tide

At High Tide

View from the ramparts overlooking the beach and walls

Amazing stain glass window in church

Mussels and chips served everywhere

Mont St Michel or Centre st Shibuya?

The Abby on the Mont

Mont St Michel from far

Lively street performers in St Malo old town

Countryside shot

Where's the beach?

Waves spilling over at high tide, this was the entrance to the...

Picnic lunch on rocks at secluded beach

Hiro posing with one of the carved rocks

No one knows who did this or for what reason

Great character bar in St Malo with thousands of dolls and swings...

We wanted to get out of city and see a bit of countryside of France, so we decided to take 3-hour train ride to St Malo, a picturesque town on the northern coast of France. The old town is completely surrounded by old walls constructed in 17th century, and the inside is lively with restaurants, shops and artists selling their artwork. It was quite busy with tourists and locals enjoying their summer holidays. This active port town is a popular holiday destination for British as it is only a short ferry ride away from their cities.

We enjoyed walking along the rampart on the wall, looking over very long and beautiful beaches on one side, and historical walled town on the other. The ocean view was just magnificent with old forts dotted on the beach. There was however a big surprise on the following day. When we came back to the same rampart, the big beach had completely vanished, instead there were huge waves hitting the wall we were walking on. The forts that we saw people waking to had become an island. That was amazing!! It was at least 200m to the water from the wall yesterday, and now waves are hitting the wall hard. We later found out that St Malo is famous for the highest tides in Europe, with the difference between high and low tide 14 metres. We have never seen such a tide before.

It was a 2 hour local bus ride to famous Mont Saint Michel. It is a little village with a Gothic-style Benedictine abbey, perched on a rocky, cone-shaped islet in the middle of sandbanks. We enjoyed sitting in on the Mass that was being held in the church although it was in French, it was lovely to listen to the sisters and brothers singing the Hymns. Their singing was just amazing and beautiful. It was so busy with tourists in the village and the alleys were so narrow, making it almost impossible to walk and enjoy this special and unique island. It was like walking through Shibuya Centre Street. Restaurants and cafes there charge tourist price, almost twice as much as normal ones, lucky we brought our bread and canned tuna for lunch.

On our last day in St Malo we visited one of the surrounding beaches that have over 300 grotesque and fascinating carvings in the rocks along this beach. We stopped into a local deli and picked up a picnic lunch to enjoy on the beach, it was perfect setting as there is not many people and the beach is so beautiful. After lunch we walked out on the rocks and saw lots of mussels and oysters, and some keen men trying to chip away the oysters from the rocks. We took the bus there from St Malo as its 6km away but we decided to walk back along the beach. It is always fun to walk on the beach.

St Malo is full of crepe shops, at least 30 we saw in two days walking around this small town. Mussels & chips is popular meal here too, almost every restaurants offer this menu. sea-food lover Hiro offcourse tried it and loved it.

We had a fantastic time in St Malo and it was definitely worth the side trip. Now we are heading back to Paris for a night before we fly to Barcelona, Spain.

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