JD's Vacation 2001 travel blog

Traveling Along I-70

First View Of The Rockies

Vail, Colorado

(Leaving: Moab, UT - Destination: Denver, CO - 350 miles)

07:02 AM We are showered, packed and check out. We stop at the "Jailhouse Cafe" down the street for some breakfast. We have a great meal!

07:37 AM After a quick breakfast we hit the road. We decide to alter our itinerary at this point and bypass The Royal Gorge and Pike's Peak. Instead, we head north to get on I-70 and drive that beautiful interstate route through The Rockies to Denver. There are very dark clouds around and it looks like rain. This is the worst looking day, weatherwise, that we have had.

08:07 AM We pull on to I-70 and are 79 miles from Grand Junction, Colorado. We see a sign that reads "Eagles On Highway." We will watch for them! This part of the interstate is quite bumpy!

08:19 AM We encounter the first raindrops!

08:45 AM We cross the state line into Colorado. We will follow the Colorado River for about 93 miles. Grand Junction is 30 miles away, Denver about 280.

11:30 AM We stop for gas in Vail, Colorado. We can see the snow covered Rocky Mountains in the distance. We decide to go to Wendy's for some lunch. After lunch we do a little shopping and Jo Ann buys her a Vail, Colorado Sweatshirt. Neat.

12:05 PM We are on the road again.

12:55 PM It is 54 gegrees! We travel through the Eisenhower Tunnel. It is two miles long and only one side is open (they are working on the other side). It is really raining now!

01:48 PM We arrive in Denver. We see a white Dodge van on I-70 just like the one we are driving with as Alabama tag, county 52. We honk the horn and wave and they wave back. It's good to see home folks this far away from home. We are about halfway through the trip now. We have driven about 3,500 miles. We had planned to stop for the night in Denver but it's too early to stop, so we opt to drive on up I-25 towards Wyoming and stop in Cheyenne for the night.

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