JD's Vacation 2001 travel blog

(We don't even crank the van today so we can keep our parking place!)

05:00 AM Jerry gets up early to go out and make some sunrise pictures. As he is leaving the room, there are two large mule deer right outside the lodge nibbling on the grass. They give a casual look and keep eating. It is a beautiful sunrise and the pictures are great.

07:00 AM The girls are finally up and everyone is showered and dressed so we go to the Bright Angel Restaurant for some breakfast. The meal is good but it is a bit costly for what we get.

08:00 AM After breakfast, we ride the shuttle bus over to the Market Plaza. Here we mail a few post cards and purchase a couple of items, including a loaf of bread. We do a little more shopping and looking around then catch the shuttle bus back to the rim area.

11:00 AM We are back at the Thunderbird Lodge and decide we'll have some lunch before we head out for sightseeing..

11:30 AM We have Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches with chips for lunch in the room.

01:00 PM Betty is not feeling well (she is having some stomach problems) so she stays in the room to rest in the afternoon. Jerry and Jo Ann do a lot of walking along the rim trail making many pictures and videos. We do a lot of shopping for people but can't find any toy cars for Hayden (our grandson), only indian stuff that he is too young for. Oh well, we'll keep looking.

05:30 PM We return to the room and Betty is feeling a little better, so we decide to get some dinner.

06:00 PM We have dinner at the Bright Angel Restaurant (Spaghetti). Betty eats lightly!

07:00 PM After dinner we walk along the rim for a while making more pictures.

08:30 PM We get some more sunset pictures and then head back to the room. The mule deer have returned and are having their dinner out on the lawn.

09:30 PM We turn in for the night. It's been a good day but we are all tired.

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