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Beatles in Plymouth

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We have been trying to catch a Rodeo all summer but wherever we’ve been either too early or too late to catch one. So it was great to learn that there was one at the local county fair about 10 miles from us. The fair was a typical county show, livestock, entertainment, funfair rides, food, drinks, etc.. We got there just in time to catch the Beatles tribute band – not something you would expect to find among all these country folk but they were great. They had the wigs, the clothes, the guitars the same names even the Liverpool accents.

Then it was Rodeo time and for 8 dollars each we were thoroughly entertained for almost 3 hours. It was about as American as you could get as we all stood to salute the stars and stripes, hands on hearts as the national anthem was sang live. They really love to show a bit of patriotism here. God bless America!

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