Ron and Susan's 2009 Black Sea Adventure travel blog

Ukraine July 28-29 2009

Passage: Sulina, Romania to Odessa, Ukraine

We checked the weather patterns and it seems to be a good time for the overnight passage to Odessa. Up anchor from Mile 8 ½ on the Danube, and we are underway at 0755. We are rollin’ down the river again, and arrive in Sulina at 0930. Here we must fuel up, so Artemis ties up alongside the fuel barge, while Gemini bumps into a dock to wait. Sadly Gemini got a few scraps from this one. A little confusion with the authorities about permission to buy fuel, but we finally get the proper permission and taken on 137 litres. We wait until noon for immigration and boarder police to clear us. Since we are leaving this country, so our passports must be stamped.

By 1250 we are underway again down the Danube and into the Black Sea. Fair winds, so we motor sail through the night, arriving at the Nautical Club of Odessa at 0630, a 100 mile passage. Although night passages can be beautiful, I am always happy to once again be secured. Port of Odessa is a busy commercial port with many, many ships either at anchor outside the port or inside getting loaded/unloaded by the cranes. The railroad also runs to the port. This is the busiest port we’ve seen. Guess the economic crisis hasn’t hit Ukraine.

We tie alongside, Artemis in front of Gemini, and both captains go ashore with the authorities to get us checked into the country. Two hours later, they return and we enjoy some fresh baked muffins (I was busy)!! So after a short coffee break, we all take a well earned rest. Later that afternoon, we walked into town, climbing the 192 steps of the “Potemkin Steps”, famous for the movie “Battleship Potemkin (1925) in which a baby in his pram accidentally gets pushed down the steps!!! Let me tell you it’s a long way up 192 steps!!! The climb is worth it as we see the beautiful buildings and pedestrian walkways of Odessa. Sally and Al aboard for sundowners, and plans are made for a trip to the Crimea peninsula. They are short on time, so they have to choose either going to Yalta or Kiev. They choose Yalta. We will see Kiev on our own later.

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