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A view from near a campsite that served as home for one...

An old miners hut.

Bedroom inside the miners hut.

Cottage at the historical village near Gladstone.

The home of Bundaberg rum, shame no camera's are allowed inside though.

The trip to Bundaberg had its moments, I made a small sidetrip to a reconstructed historical village which was a collection of old wooden houses which had been transported to the site, best of all was an old miners hut. My next stop was at the Bundaberg Rum Factory for a tour of their distillery. Bundaberg Rum is the mosty famous rum in Australia but their exports are small hence their rum isnt well known outside of Oz. The first ingredient in the process is molasses which I have to say smells wonderful, one sniff and its easy to become an addict. The aroma was prevailant throughout the distillery. The tour took us through the distillers to the huge oak containers where the rum is aged, and finished off with a tasting in the bar. Bundaberg do a number of rum based drinks and my recommendation has to be for the liquor, be careful it can turn anyone into an alcoholic!

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