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Day 36 Friday, Aug.28, 2009 After we walked Joy around the track this morning, we headed to th Visitor Center. Talked with a very informative rep. at the center. We notice what abundant crops of many differnt kinds of produce are being grown here and inquired how this was so with such arid area. She said it is ALL done by irrigation, and the source of all the water is water that comes down from all the mtns. surrounding them. There are huge orchards of apples, miles of vineyards, miles & miles of hops, (yes, I said hops),like what they put in beer. Hops grows up on vines, just like a running vine. They train these vines up cords that go up about 20ft. high. They just have thousands of these. This area is known as the"Fruit Bowl of the Nation". They have a wonderful temp., irrigation water, rich volcanic soil, so needless to say, this Yakima Valley produces an abundance of agricultural products.

The population is made of Indians, Hispanics, a group of Mennonites, as well as pioneer stock.

This is unbelieveable, but this small town has 71 large, beautiful murals splashed across thier building walls. Don & I took a "covered wagon" tour whose driver gave us a very interesting tour of the murals in the immediate "down town" area. Many of the murals were pertaining to Indian life of early days, many were of the pioneer days. They were painted by various artists of the area. And, the paintings are continuing. We observed an artist at work today. Of course, we made many photos.

There is certainly no shortage of casinos out here, as is the case most anywhere out west. You may have a hard time finding a church out here, but not a saloon or casino. The wagon driver said the casino was a good place to get a good meal, so we had lunch at the local casino. Believe it or not, we didn't even play a nickel, but had a very good buffet meal. Came back to RV to walk Joy, then I headed back to town to go into some of the shops and Don stayed here to wash a few of the bugs off the RV. I was not very impressed with the three shops I visited.

Thankfully Ronald & Kathy arrived in Seattle safely around 2:00pm PST.

Tomorrow will be a travel day again. Please pray for safe travel for us. We do pray that God will bless and keep you all safe. Love to all. MAP

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