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Day 2!

Surprise highlight of the day

Don't you want me baby... don't you want me ooooooooohh


Sunset in Chelmsford


Now that's what it's all about!

They had a fairground and everything this year!

I bet there was a lot of puke in that tree!

Needless to say Steve got me to pose for this photo before...

Can't remember what these were called..

We snoozed til about 11 this morning and as my cold hadn't got any worse (yes my first cold for 5 months!) we decided to go back to V.. yippee!

It was just going to be the two of us and as I didn't want to make myself worse I decided to drive... it was while I was driving that we heard on the radio that Oasis had pulled out!! Goddammit, that was the only reason we'd decided to go!

Anyway, we were nearly there so decided to carry on... we parked in the same cafe and walked round to the camping entrance again. As we were walking I could hear The Proclaimers... another goddamn reason I was going and we missed them... gaaah! I made myself feel better by singing along as we walked ' 'da-da-da-dah, da-da-da-dah... dum de-de-dum-de-de-dum-de-de-dum-da-daaah...'

They were scanning the wrist bands this morning, luckily ours went through and they didn't notice that they were loose... I'm making sure I'm legit next year I can tell you, I think I've gone a little grey!

As we were walking through the gates we overheard some boys talking about seeing Oasis later and we unfortunately had to burst their bubble with the bad news.... they were really gutted and wouldn't believe us to start with, those Gallagher brothers have got a lot to answer to!.

We grabbed a bite to eat, some wedges for me and a pizza slice for Steve (that's for you Oz) and settled down on the grass to hear the end of James Morrison. We would have missed him too but they'd shifted the times back now Oasis aren't playing.

Next I grabbed a coffee (yes they did look at me strangely) and Steve had a cider and we went to watch Athlete, which actually turned out to be the highlight of the day. They didn't play too many new ones and lots of old sing-a-long classics, which is what we love at festivals! There was also a lot of boo-ing when Oasis were mentioned, which we loved even more!

Next we headed for the Strongbow tent and saw what everyone looks like when you're sober... not nice, then off to see The Human League, they were so cool. Elbow weren't great, faaar too many slowies to start off with, so we went back to the Strongbow to see John Carter... and some even more wrecked people through sober eyes. As we walked back past Elbow, we caught the last two songs which just happened to be my favourites, then on to Keane headlining on the Channel 4 stage. Keane were good but there were an awful lot of songs that everyone knew and we didn't... anyone would think we've been away for 5 months or something...

Getting home was just as easy tonight, straight out of the arena, across the road to the car and straight onto the A12.. bonus!

We're starting the decorating tomorrow.... eeeeek!


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