Our RV trip around Atlantic Canada 2009 travel blog

We head down to the recomended beach. Here there is a much bigger car park and a boardwalk over the dunes to the beach. It is not very busy but there is a slight wind blowing up the beach. Dragging a large driftwood tree stump acros the beach we can shelter from the wind and enjoy the suns heat. Alex and Flynn dig holes in the beach.

After a couple of hours basking we drive up to Miscou Lighthouse. We were going to explore the beach here but there are so many large flies that we decide to move some where else.

Before we leave we stop at the little shop at the light house. Here they sell little hand carved sand sculptures and ice cream. As I am asking about the flavours the lady asks where I am from. Once she discovers that I am from England shw wants to know what is happening in Corry, I have to apologise as I haven't watched Corination St. for many years. She laughs as it is their families tradition to sit down every Sunday and watch the ominbus edition. Again there were workmen here setting up for something. There was rickety stage being built and one stage light on a tripod. (What is going on?)

After driving back down the road from the light house back towards the campsite we take the other only road on the island. This takes us to the east coast and to Chaleur Bay.

Here an area of land was given to the first Scottish settler, where he intergrated into the comunity and most of the families around here are direct desendants. There is also an island in the bay called Treasure Island where people who go and visit looking for the "treasure" end up in "misterious disappearances".

We park up on the beach and whilst we are preparing to set out down the beach another car (a golf) pulls up and the couple set off down the beach in front of us. The beach is deserted (apart from the other couple) and we set of looking at unusual stones and driftwood. The sea here is rougher, waves rolling in, and there is a lot of driftwood on the beach.

We return after a long walk and head back to the campsite for tea.

Our neighbours at the campsite strike up a conversation about my sausages. Unfortunately I had no idea what he was talking about until he translated into English. He was saying that the food here was very expensive. He did inform us that the campsite owner does a morning fishing trip with his mate out on a little boat in the sea. I had seen the owner earlier and he had been out this morning looking for clams and had a pot ready for cooking when his mate came around. The neighnbours were from Quebec and again they spoke good english (for someone who says he speaks very little). It turned out that he learnt to speak English in Newfoundland when he worked there.

There are little machines dotted around the campsite. When IU quizzed the owner about these it turns out that they are CO2 generatorsfor trapping and killing mosquitoes. He was very supprised to find out that no other campsite that we had visited had installed these traps. (We had seen them in Canadian Tire for about $700)

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