Our RV trip around Atlantic Canada 2009 travel blog

After stocking up on food/beer we cross the causeway to Lameque and then across a highbacked bridge onto the island of Miscou. Here we see men laying wires across the bridge. Not sure what they are doing. We drive up to where the campsite is but continue past it to see how far the beach is from it. As we are driving down this little road I am supprised to hear sirens behind us. Not speeding (I checked) I pull over to let the police car past. As we drive into the beach car park we then hear more sirens aproaching. Having parked up, I go and ask at one of the caravans parked up who do we see about getting a pitch in this caravan park. I am informed that it is a private caravan park but the car park is a public one for the beach. Whilst we are there a fire engine, an insident unit and an ambulance arrive. Not sure what was happening, everyone talkong fast french, but looks like it might be a heart attack and everyone in the emergency services has come for a day out. Guess there is not much action around here. We head back to the campsite. Here we are met by a nice lady, doesn't speak any English but we she indicates that her husband speaks English. We book in and he informs us that there is a better beach on the next road along from the beach we have just visited. They were very keen to find out what all the sirens were about. A bit confusing holding a three way conversation in two languages with all parties exchanging in both languages.

We settle in for the night amongst the trees. The campsite owner has had this place for 45 years and sells trees from the plot.

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