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Bonjour mais amis!

While the other 9 travellers laze on the boats drinking local vino and bierres, good old Ken has been despatched to update th journal!!

We are all well here, absolutely no health or travel hassels at all..... and aologies for the wonky keyboard. Paris was amazing. Our accomodation was a biton the small side but reasonable price and very close to central city. We bought 2 day passes on a hop on/hop off bus and managed to ee most of the main sights of the city. We were all just blow away by the history and architecture. Italy was fantatic but Paris something else. Many highlights but guess Notre Dame will remain with us for a long time. We did a night cruise of the Seine, another great experience,particularlythe Eiful Tower in full sparkling splendour. After the Cruise we went to a 11.oopm show o Moulin Rouge. Was a little underwhelming. After ( mins you got over all the beautiful bare breasted woman and became quite boring. Show didnt finish until 0200 and guess we were showing ur age. All those testosterone charged youngpeople racingoff to do who knows what while we headed for bed and sleep!!

Both Roly and I now sporting I luv Paris t shirts and Marie a shoulder bag and a red beret... which only Marie would wear!!

Monday we caught the high speed TGV train down to Agen in SW France. Met up with Brian and Merilynplus Wayne and Delwyn Guy at the Boat yard. Managed to get allprovisioned and underway by about 6.00pm and travelled only a short distance before bedding down for the niht. Then on to Valence d'Agen and today to Moissac. All this on the La Garrone Canal. We will turn around tomorrow and head back to Agen then onto the River Baise for a furthetr 7 days. The days have been spent exploringh historic little villages, many dating back to 10th century and earlier, just amazing history.

Boats are great, very easy to handle through the locks.

Afraid this has been very thirsty work::::so 'til next time.....auvoir!

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