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Erinestine (in orange) dancing with her church group

Erinestine with her brother and new member of their family

Erinestine and her family with the gifts they gave me

Me with Erinestine and her brother

Erinestine and her brother

Gifts I received from Erinestine

Today I will not be with my group from World Vision. I am scheduled to meet with another of our sponsored children with Compassion Canada. I was able to meet with Erinestine and her family last time I was in Rwanda and I look forward to meeting with them again.

I call the Compassion office this morning and because I did not call them yesterday to confirm they thought I cancelled. So they are looking for a driver and will call me back. I really hope to still be able to meet with their family, even if it is a bit later today. I will update this post when I find out what is happening with this.

It was a good thing that I phoned Compassion this morning. I had not called to confirm so they cancelled my visit. But, John from Compassion found a driver and took me today. It was great! It is a 2.5 hour drive to the Compassion office from Kigali. When I got there Erinestine gave me a big hug. Then their church choir sang and danced a couple of songs for me. When we were done we had a little meal at the office with Erinestine and the staff. I was able to find out that of the 275 sponsored children in the project I am the only sponsor to visit. This was my second visit. After we were done at the office we drove to Erinestine's home where I got to meet with her mom, dad, brother and new 8 month old. Her grandmother and aunt was also there, along with half the town outside. I gave them a few gifts during our visit and to my suprise they had a gift for each member of our family (see photo). I prayed for the family and we said our good-byes. It was so nice to see them again. They do feel like part of our family.

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