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Utah Countryside

Dr Jo!


Big Hot Bath!

Around 450 miles south and across the Utah border lies Plymouth.

Now we just couldn’t pass without stopping so we found a campsite and here we are just chilling in the Utah countryside.

Farming is all there is around here and the when the wind is in the right (or wrong) direction, we get a lovely aroma of cows! Good news for us is that the kids have now gone back to school which means the camp grounds should be less crowded. It seems to be the case here – our neighbour is miles away and we have the pool mainly to ourselves.

The area has hot springs and our large pool is naturally fed by hot mineral water – like swimming in a hot bath. They used to charge extra to go in the hot springs in Canada!

When we arrived the temperatures where in the 100’s and since we’ve had rain, thunder and today a sandstorm!

We are obviously among country folk here. We asked if there was a vet nearby as we realised Poppy’s boosters where overdue. “We don’t bother with vets for that, we do it ourselves” was the reply. So we were directed to the local country store where we were sold a 7 way booster for dogs complete with syringe and needle for about 3 pounds. We took it home, read the directions, mixed the serums in the syringe and I delivered the Jab in the loose skin at the back of Poppy’s neck. JOB DONE!

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