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Johnson's Crossing cinnamon bun - Part II

For Sale sign at Johnson's Crossing

Johnson's Crossing - What you get for 520K CAD

Rancheria Falls Recreation Site



100 year old forest fire debris

Start of the Cassiar Highway at Junction 37 Service Station

Following the pilot car thru the construction at the start of the...

Scene along Cassiar Highway

Site #2 at Boya Lake Provincial Park

Boya Lake

View from our window of Boya Lake

Right on the water!

Our route today: East on Alaska Highway from mile marker 877 to mile marker 626 at junction with Cassier Highway 37 south. Then south on Cassier Highway to mile marker 53.

For a change, this morning it was not raining and by the time we were packed up and ready to roll the sun began to burn off some light fog and skies turned mostly sunny.

The first stop of the day was at Johnson’s Crossing. We had to sample their world famous cinnamon buns one more time, and we were not disappointed. There was a large For Sale sign at the roadside stating 520K takes all!

The next stop was at Rancheria Falls Recreation Site. We hiked in along a 1/3 mile trail to the site of the falls. The trail included a long stretch of boardwalk that looked to be fairly new. We enjoyed looking at the falls and the jagged rock formations. This area is the site of a forest fire that happened about 100 years ago. Many of the charred trees are still standing. Due to the cold temperatures, and short summers, decay is slow.

At mile 626 of the Alaska Highway about 22 miles west of Watson Lake we turned south onto the Cassier Highway. The first 20 miles are under construction, and we had to wait about 15 minutes for a pilot car.

We chose the Boya Lake Provincial Park, a British Columbia Government Campground for the evening. The site is right on the water. We backed into the site, and the back bumper of the 5er is actually hanging out over the water. From our windows we have nice views of the lake in all directions. It is extremely quiet here. For dinner I grilled some hamburgers. Today was also our first encounter with mosquitoes on this trip. We got out the Coleman mosquito coil and the Thermacell lantern and kept the little bloodsuckers at bay. We have found that both of these products work well.

Wildlife count for today: None

Weather at start: 35° F – mostly cloudy with light fog (overnight low of 29° F)

Miles start / stop / total today / total trip 13,122 / 13,432 / 310 / 7,133

Altitude 2229 ft.

End location for the day: Boya Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia Government Campground, Site #2

(59° 22’ 3’’ N, 129° 6’ 16’’ W)

Weather at stop: 58° F – partly sunny

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