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Some familiar faces from the journal, Debbie, Karen and Grant

The girlies! Mullis, Debbie, Lisa, Kelly and Karen

Champagne at a festival... what's that all about?!

Steve and sneaky Paul at The Specials

Lisa and Richie with Steve

The whole gang!

oh dear, it's that time of day...

... see what I mean?

'aving it at Pendulum

Still 'aving it... and it's getting dark

I think they had fun!

Jumpers on, must be home time..

We decided to surprise a few people today and turn up unannounced to V! We'd said to everyone that was going that we couldn't afford it and we were going to see my parents this weekend.

Steve had been speaking to Paul Clifford on Facebook to see if we could get some tickets and asked him to keep all secret squirrel for us. He was already getting tickets for him and 7 others but he couldn't get any others. Luckily Steve's friend Richie and his girlfriend Lisa were going and they ordered two extra tickets for us.

Richie also offered us a lift which was a bonus, he had been quite ill lately and wasn't going to be drinking... not really a bonus for him though I suppose.

He picked us up at half 10 and we drove to Lisa's in Rochford. We were a little bit late getting there and Lisa had already had a few stressed phone calls from the guy who was holding our tickets for us, he was at the gates threatening to sell them on if we didn't hurry up as there were people offering him extra money for them... what a git!

Anyway, we got there on time and Lisa jumped out at the Tesco roundabout to do the deal. It was almost worth all the stress of getting there as the tickets ended up being weekend camping passes – double bonus! The day passes were going for 80 squids and we only paid 100 for these.... we might even come back tomorrow!

We parked up in the Rose Cafe across from the entrance (tenner to park all day) and walked through into the camping entrance. We weren't sure how hot they were going to be with the wrist bands this year, we heard talk about bar codes and scanning to make sure you don't sell them on. We'd put our bands on loose to do exactly that if we didn't fancy coming back tomorrow so all breathed a sigh of relief when they let us through with no questions.

Steve had been texting Paul Clifford to make sure we knew where they were to surprise everyone. As we approached where they were standing Paul came to meet up and told us to sneak round and he'd direct their attention elsewhere. We both managed to jump on them before anyone saw us, everyone was so surprised it was great - obviously all the little white lies paid off!

The whole day went with a bang, everyone was in a real party mood, we had such a laugh from start to finish. We even managed to see a few bands in between all the fun... we started off with The Noisettes, then Dizzee Rascal, Lily Allen, The Specials, The Ting Tings, Pendulum (which went off!) and then 2 Many DJ's – which was a fine end to a great day.

We met Richie and Lisa at the car as they had been watching The Killers instead and we were home and watching the TV coverage by 11:30... we're very tempted to go tomorrow as Oasis are playing!


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