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We took our first trip to Tesco today, it was soooo busy, not something that we're used to these days. It took Steve about 2 minutes of pushing the trolley before he got annoyed with old people stopping in front of him.

By the time we'd walked aimlessly around trying to remember what we used to buy and figure out what isle they'd been moved to, we were late for our hairdressers appointment. So we decided to quickly drop off the food, fridge the cold stuff and then drive to the salon.

It was really great to see Martyn and Steve was soon catching up with him while I had my colour done... it was while I was having my colour done that I looked out the window and saw our car going past on the back of a truck...! It had been towed!

I ran like a mad woman round to Steve, my foils flapping in the air and eventually calmed down enough to explain what I'd seen. Once they believed that I wasn't joking and looked outside where our car had been, we realised it must be because we weren't displaying our tax disk.... doh! I wouldn't mind but some bugger had already pinched our space.. they must have been sitting behind the tow truck rubbing their hands together!

Anyway, Steve went to the Police station and they gave him the address of the compound. Luckily his friend Richie was coming round to see us anyway so he gave him a lift up there... and they gave it back to us for free after checking on-line that we were taxed – phew! Otherwise they charge you up to 250 squids to release it, not something we would have welcomed after 5 months travelling.

After both our heads were neat and tidy (at last!) we went round to see Bev, Jon and Kaleb. Kaleb wasn't walking when saw him last and now there's no stopping him! He is such a sweetie and full of fun and strange noises.. just like his dad!

Bev fed us a lovely dinner of tuna steak and salad and we had a great laugh catching up with everything, it made me realise how much I've missed them.

Back in our bed we fell asleep after TWO BACK TO BACK EPISODES OF FAMILY GUY – whoohoo! We didn't think we'd be able to watch it without Sky.

Nighty night,


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