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Sometimes the scenery looked like this

And sometimes like this

Then other times like this

These colors are not manipulated.... it's the way they really were!

Then it changed to this.... following the Colorado River

Close up

Notice the 2 tiered road

Site 19 at River Dance

Another view

The view from our dining/living room window

Sunset on the Eagle River at our campground

We had another uneventful travel day today thank goodness. We started out not really knowing where we were going and Doug has vowed never to let that happen again. While a planless agenga is perfectly OK for him, it drives JoAnn up a wall. She needs her maps, her time lines; she needs to know what is waiting for us at the end of the day, what the campground looks like, what there is to do around the camp and the ancestory of the owners.

So, we had some uncomfortable moments until we finally stopped at a rest stop and got out the computer so she could research destinations. Once that was settled the day became a little calmer.

The drive along I 70 is spectacular! It follows the Colorado River through the mountainous terrain. Much of the highway is two tiered. That has to be a great engineering feat. We enjoyed watching the locals floating in their tubes or splashing around on their inflatable rafts in the river. We saw some contraptions that we couldn't identify but people were sure having fun on their river.

Part of our dilemma about this phase of our trip was that we could find very few RV parks listed. There were some at Grand Junction where we left, some at Glenwood Springs with bad reviews and then pretty much nothing else except for national forest campgrounds which were questionable for big rigs. As we neared the town of Gypsum, we noticed a park off the side of an access road along the highway. It looked nice so we got off of 70 at Gypsum and backtracked 3 miles to the park. It is a nice little park, too expensive, but located pretty much where we wanted to be for the night.

JoAnn's pictures were again mostly snapped out the window or through the windshield of the truck en route. They will give you a good idea of the beauty of this drive.

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