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Tara, Brittany, Heather and Joanna peeling sweet potatoes

Vicki and Alice starting the fire to roast peanuts

Alice with Cathy and the cow that was donated to Alice

The group bringing back firewood for Alice

Angelic, Alice and Corrina

Today we visited a lady named Alice (36) and her daughters Corinna (13) and Angelic (9). A previous World Vision group built her home. The last group purchased her a cow. We were visiting Alice for the morning and doing the chores that her and her daughters have to do on a daily basis. We helped gather grasses for the cow and goats, gather firewood, and digging sweet potatoes for the meal, and the preparing of the meal. Hense the title for the day, "A day in the life".

Alice was one of 3 siblings that survived 1994. Her other 6 were killed. Alica became pregnant in 1995 and her younger brother did not think this was right. They still do not get along. Alice and Angelic are both HIV+. Now with World Vision child sponsorship Alice indicated she feels like she is a part of a new family. Alice has joined the HIV association and it has made her life much better. She thanks World Vision very much for their assistance. Previously, Alice could not take the HIV drugs when they did not have enough food. With the help of World Vision, Alice and Angelic both have enough food and the drugs they need. Alice told us with her home and food she grows she feels like she has a new life and has been cured of HIV (she still takes her medication).

Angelic is 2nd in her class and Corrina is 17th out of 42 in her class. This to me is amazing because in addition to school these girls have the chores to do that we helped with. When Alice and Angelic are sick from their condition, Corrina has to take care of all the work with a bit of help from neighbours. They all have health insurance. The girls from World Vision child sponsorship and Alice from the government for the genocide survivors. Angelic was born with a club foot, and because of child sponsorship she was able to get the treatment she needed and can now walk fine.

There is a Canadian company that provides the HIV drugs for 50% of the cost. The Rwanda government pays the other 50%.

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