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Heart shaped cloud

Kim, Liz Jansen, Liz

Japanese riders

Grant Parsons and Liz

Kim and Lois Pryce

Liz and Lois Pryce

Dance floor

AMA Conference Banner signed

Kim, Liz, and the Michelin Man

Rest Stop on 72


Kim and Rumble Pack members

Kim and Rumble Pack member

Liz, Hal, and Kim

Kim in Dirt Bike school

Saturday August 22, 2009

Today I took a short trip on a scenic route between Interstate 70 and Estes Park. Kim took an introductory dirt bike course at the Conference.

I didn’t take many pictures on my ride. Halfway I stopped by a nice creek at the side of the road to eat some lunch.

And on the way back, I happened to take a picture of two guys “hiking” is up a hill on the shoulder…not walking, not riding bikes, but riding Segways. I nearly laughed my helmet off.

The second half of the day we relaxed a bit before heading out to the Closing Ceremony at the Conference Center. They were pretty efficient in feeding all of us, and the food was decent. In total, they figure about 1,000 people attended, which includes registrants, volunteers, and sponsors. Not bad. I never thought there would be that many. After the raffles went off (Kim nor I won anything), they opened up the dance floor for some music and mingling. We took the opportunity to have our pictures taken with the various people that we meet during this week. I had my picture taken with Senior Editor Grant Parsons, who has a unique writing style in the American Motorcyclist magazine and I always enjoy reading his articles. We had our picture taken with Lois Pryce, who is a UK native and has ridden from Alaska to the southern tip of South America, and then from France to Cape Hope in South Africa. She is a hoot. She said that America is her favorite place to ride, and that everyone is so nice here (we looked at each other funny at that remark). She then proceeded to tell a story about an incident in a parking lot in Tennessee. She was fiddling with her bike when she heard a man behind her say, “Pardon me ma’am, but can you look at something for me?” So she turns around and the guy has his peter sticking out of his pants for her to see. Her remark was that even the flashers were polite, even though there was not much to look at.

I also took the opportunity to meet and take pictures with a couple of the women from Japan. There were so excited to be there, and both Kim and I were given gifts. They also gave us information on an International Ride In near Mount Fuji next year. Hmmmm……

In the hallway, there was a banner for everyone to sign. So we signed it.

We had such a good time. It’s kinda sad to see it come to an end. I just hope they don’t wait another 3 years to have the next one. Tomorrow we plan to go through Rocky Mountain National Park, and then Estes Park. If we have time, we will start to head up to South Dakota.

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