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Entering Campbello Island, the last of Canada we will see.

We enjoy the many shops here. Sue is the one on your...

Starfish, sardines, and many other critters. There is even a whale hanging...

Our view at low tide.

On 8/20, we saw HC off at 0400, or so,and around 0700, we left in clear skies but rolly seas on our beam. We are in the land of high tides, with Eastport having extra high tides right now at 23'. Sue gets to see many critters today, with Puffins, hmany other type of birds, and some whales. We saw a mother Right Whale with her cub, riding her back. That was amazing, and we reminese about the many great sights we have seen on this trip. Today was one of our best days. We tie up to the town wall here, but it is good, as we have power, and are quite protected from the hurricane here.

Over the past 12 stops, we have had power to run at only three places. Next to us is a whale watching sail boat that is 100 yrs old that the owner has restored. A little later on, a sardine boat from the 1940's docks next to us - room for only 4 boats here. There are many sardines swimming at our dock, as well as mackeral - many people fishing here. The sardine industry used to be big here, but the government has shut them down due to some crazy environmental law. The town is 1/2 population of what it used to be.

Entering the harbor via the north channel, we pass Campbello island, Canada, Summer

home of FDR. Lobster here is only $8/lb and we chow down at a local lobster wholeseller that makes and sells a few dishes for retail. We also eat a Rosies famous hot dog stand, and tour many places. This town is working hard to keep going and seems to be doing a good job. Customs clearing here was neat, with them being very polite and helpful. They check out our fruit supply and take a few things, but we knew we we needed to do that. They were waiting for us when we arrived, versus us having to seek them out. Eastport is having their weekend long flea market where most of the merchants are participating, so for 3 days, we go to almost all the stores. Even the marine supply store participated, and we get some real bargins. John decides to buy transmission fluid and changes it and along with some other things he buys since the marine store had everything on sale from 20%-50%. We buy some local art, gifts..., grocery store, laundry, and re-tie the boat to prepare for the hurricane.

After securing everything, we hunker down for the night, and around 0500, watch a movie with Voyager on their boat after a great meal they cooked. As predicted, here comes the rain and winds around 0400. Since it was low tide (remember, 23' tides), this was good, as we had even more protection. We decided that we were tied up in a better place versus the basin where we were invited to move to where the fishing boats were since if any boats broke loose, versus moving to the fishing fleet basin, since if one of those rafted fishing boats broke free, we'd be in big trouble. The night was uneventful, but by 10:00 a.m., we started rocking some, but not bad, as it was residual waves, since the hurricane had passed well east of us. The sun is out - LOL. the sun is out. We will stay here an extra day to let the seas die down, and leave for Jonesport on Tuesday hopefully. Anyway, we have more to see since the town is open today for the final flea sale. We eat the best pizza, believe it or not, at a local place called the Pickled Herring. While their fare is more upscale, all the locals say their real speciality is their pizza. We even had to make reservations, since it is so popular. It was worth every cent. The beer was local and great.

We visited the only ground mustard factory (9 employees) in N.A. The Rayes family are running it exactly as it was run over 100 yrs ago. They grind with the same stones that are original, and we sample some great fare. John goes crazy and buys a few jars. The plant is run using the same old belt overhead drives. Last night the Coast Guard hauled in a boat that was found abandoned out somewhere, and they picked up a family that was abandoned. Even though the hurricane passed by, the waters are still rough for another day, and many folks do not realize how careful they must be. We repaired a broken seat cushion and some must needed house cleaning today (8/24) and ate at Rosies one more time for her great peanut oil cooked hot dogs. We are all ready for Bar Harbor tomorrow.

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