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Wednesday August 19, 2009

Ah, our first day without having to ride a great distance anywhere. We woke up relatively late and had breakfast in the café at the lodge. Don’t think we’ll do that again though, as the bill came out to a little bit more than what we would like to pay for breakfast. After that we walked around to the Conference Center, and checked out the bikes parked out on the parking lot. We also wandered out to the demo area to see what manufacturers were there to put on demo rides.

Coming back to the lodge, we checked out the local shops, and the pond in the middle of them. There were some very large trout swimming around in this pond. Too bad you can’t fish for them.

After that, I decided to check out the demos, and Kim stayed in the lodge to relax for the day. I signed up to demo an 09 Yamaha FJR1300, but it wasn’t available until later, so I took a ride up to Loveland Pass to burn some time. I rode up to the Pass, and who should I see there but Doris and Darlene from the Shore Riders chapter of the Women in the Wind! I saw the matte red Street Glide, and thought immediately it might be Darlene. So we chatted for a bit, walked back over to the sign, and had our pictures taken. It’s fun running into people you know 1800 miles from home. Up at the top of the scenic outlook it was COLD! The wind was fierce, and I could feel it even through all of my gear. I wish I had kept my helmet on to keep my head warm. There were some day trippers walking up in shorts and t shirts. Well, at least they had a warm car to get into after they were done sightseeing.

I made my way back to the demo ride area, and talked to the Kymco and Harley demo people. After I rode the FJR1300, I took a scooter out for a test run, and then a Harley Tri Glide Ultra. I had ridden an FJR before, and this one was no different, except for some reason it felt like this bike wanted to be steered more than leaned into the turns. Hmm….strange. I got on the scooter, and immediately had a lot of fun on it. The demo leader took us on a nice little windy backroad with a stream running alongside of it. Finally, I test rode the Tri Glide and I have to say that I really liked this bike. Even though you have to steer, I got used to turning it fairly quickly and it didn’t feel like it was going to throw you off like the Can Am Spyder did. It was easier to take in the scenery and very comfortable. I could see myself taking cross country trips on this.

After the demos, I briefly checked out the marketplace before heading back to the room to see if Kim was there. Since I couldn’t find her, I hopped on my bike to ride down to the Mexican place for the AMA members’ reception. There I met up with Doris, Darlene, Liz and Hal, and eventually Kim also showed up. There was free food, and some good raffle prizes given out (we didn’t win any). AMA President and CEO Rob Dingman spoke a few words. I introduced myself to him afterwards just to say hello.

After the AMA reception, the opening ceremonies took place at the conference center in an auditorium-like setting. Once again, Rob Dingman spoke a few words (the same words as the previous event actually) before introducing some exciting keynote speakers. The most heart-warming story is that of Ashley Fiolek, who has broken the barrier for women in the sport of Motocross. She is 18, has been racing for 11 years, and was born deaf. She received a standing ovation, and a “thunderous” applause after her inspiring words. More can be read about her and other speakers at: http://www.womenandmotorcycling.com/speakers/

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