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Morning in Kansas

Liz daisies

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We made it to Colorado!

Eastern CO

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Denver storm

On the road to Keystone

Kansas sunflower 2

daisy field

Tuesday August 18, 2009

We woke up to a chilly morning in Kansas, but at least it was a clear sky. Before hitting the road, I gassed up and Kim got some Starbucks for the road. We weren’t far from the border of Colorado, so while we were still in the Sunflower State, I thought we should stop and check out the prairie daisies (we thought they were a kind of sunflower until we were told otherwise by a concierge in Keystone). Now nobody can say we didn’t stop to smell the flowers, because we did. They were everywhere, and they were beautiful.

We also made one last rest stop in Kansas, where there was a couple of large sunflowers planted near the restrooms. Very pretty.

Finally! We caught a state sign while entering Colorado.

It’s been a long trip, but here we are! Only a little more to go before landing in Keystone. As you can see, Eastern Colorado is much like Kansas. Flat, full of little towns, grain silos, and still more daisies.

We stopped at a station just inside the border, and talked to some of the locals. A trucker passing through chatted with us, and said that Estes Park and Rocky Mountain Nation Park are the places to go. We were happy to say that those two places were a part of our plan. As we got closer to Denver, it got really windy! It was tough to keep the speed limit, which was 75 MPH in some places out here.

Our final gas stop was in Byers, Colorado. Here we met up with some Motor Maids from the East Coast, who were also going to the conference.

It seemed that a lot of the women riders coming through here were stopping at this gas station. We stopped for lunch across the street and kept seeing more women riders coming and going. Three others actually stopped in for lunch at the diner where we were eating. As we were heading out, a boy and his grandfather sat down to eat, and the boy was admiring all of the bikes outside. He wanted to watch us ride away, so I made sure I waved to him before we pulled out. Too cute.

Our last stop before Keystone was the Mile High Harley Davidson in Aurora, just outside of Denver. They didn’t have a fantastic collection of shirts, but everyone was really friendly and the staff told us they would have special shirts made up for the Women’s conference. Nice.

On the way to Denver from the dealership, I pulled us over to put our rain gear on. There was a nasty storm that we could see passing through the city, and I didn’t want to get caught without being prepared. Sure enough, as soon as we started rolling with our gear on, it started to rain……then it poured for a brief minute. There was a nice lightning strike right in front of us, but that was the worst of it. Traffic slowed down west of the city due to an accident, and then we were home free.

West of Denver, we finally left Interstate 70 to catch Route 6 towards Dillon. This took us over Loveland Pass and then into Keystone. We only stopped for a brief minute at an overlook before finishing the trip at the Conference Center in Keystone.

It felt so good to check in and settle down in our room. Our room is a nice two bed with a balcony that overlooks the nearby mountains and Snake River. We were looking forward to not having to pack the bikes again for another five days.

To end the day, Kimm and I both scheduled massages before turning in for the night. I nice touch to the end of a long trip.

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