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Warburton art gallery....serious

Ngaanyatjarra shire offices....a gardener needed

A whole day in Warburton...whoo, hooo. Can't believe I actually slept last night with the racket from the coolroom motors over at the end of the roadhouse. Must have been plum tuckered out. Fortunately there were no more caravans here but the park has 42 demountable accomodation units and last night every one was occupied.Not sure what they were all doing here, only a few for the concert were staying here.

Not a lot of pics in this update, I could have taken one of a couple of big swearin', sweaty black fellas changing a tyre but taking photos of big angry black fellas with tyre levers would not be my smartest idea.

Not a lot to do, a few maintenance jobs on the car and camper, a load of washing and that's about it. Went for a look at the flash art gallery, part of the shire buildings which would have been most impressive when 1st built but looking a bit sad and shabby now. If the surrounds were spruced up with some greenery and a general tidy up it could look a million dollars.....but what would I know.

Back at the park sitting back reading a book we had a bit of an interaction with 3 of the local indigenous kids....all of 10 years old, bold as brass, they just walked up and started chatting to us like we were old mates....not at all shy. One asked us where we were from...."Albany", I said....."yeah? Dad's in Albany prison". That came out like it was a badge of honour. They were keen to look inside our camper, poking their noses in the door. When they finally got tired of us they walked away but not before giving our bikes a 2nd glance.....I could just hear the cogs turning...."aayy, them bikes ain't even chained down". With a bit of luck the bikes will be gone in the morning.

Had an early dinner....big concert tonight. Set off for the town of Warburton (across the other side of the Great Central Rd) a bit apprehensive because normally you can't just drive into this place without permission. Felt like we were trespassing in a foreign country. Much bigger than I had envisaged, a bit neater than Docker river but still with the dogs and car bodies.This place has actually got a floodlit grass footy ground. Found the park with the stage and lighting already set up so we parked our camp chairs and sat back. A bit nervous, could feel lots of eyes on this stage I think we were the only whites amongst a hundred blacks. This can't be good. Dozens of kids running around......would be quite an event for the town. Anyway, a few more white folk appeared and things started to feel a bit easier. The concert sort of got under way and then it stopped.....for an hour. Not sure what was going on, possibly they were waiting for someone to turn up. A bloke got up on stage and started speaking to the crowd, couldn't understand a word he said....local language.....and then the music was underway. The support act was 3 indigenous women from Perth who could really sing, but unfortunately they weren't on for long before the main band got going. Now, their lead singer couldn't. Pretty good musicians but a lousy singer. Stayed for about half a dozen songs and decided to call it a night.....the locals were loving it.

Not sure if our next camp spot will have a phone signal so no guarantees.


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