Motorcycle round trip Reno to Alaska August 2009 travel blog

The alaska pipeline at the visitor center.

The visitor center office was a typical log cabin.

Here is a pipline "Pig". Does it qualify as a wild animal?

Here is what a pig looks like after making the trip down...

View down the pipeline.

This is how they support the pipe and still let it slide...

I missed taking a picture of the Moose but here is a...

Great views of the tundra on the north slope.

More vistas typical everyplace.

This was where we decided to turn around and head back.

Check out the mud on the tires.

This is the road conditions we had to look forward to. Just...

This is the road on the way back. Still great views however...

One last view of the views.

We made a stop at the famous barn for lunch.

My bike after the ride up the Dalton Highway.

Lee's bike after the ride up the Dalton Highway

The Harley Dealership in Fairbanks.

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This was where we turned around. Note the pipeline and the truck...


The day started out with heavy clouds overhead and about 45 degrees temperature, but we were determined to give it our best effort to make it up the Dalton Highway to the Arctic Circle. In the end we made it past Livengood by about 30 miles and had to turn back due to rain. The mud was as slick as ice. As you will see in the picture there were great views and it was a good ride. Somehow no one fell down so we felt good because this was the most difficult riding we did so far. Jim had our first breakdown with a bolt on the shifting linkage coming loose which we fixed within 5 minutes. Simple fix with a wrench and some lock tight. Tomorrow we head South to Denali and then the Anchorage area. When we leave Anchorage it will be sad to say we are headed home, however we will still have well over 3,000 mile to go before making it back to Reno/Sparks.

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