Pike's Peak or Bust 2009 travel blog

Sharp curves ahead


Another bad turn

Drop offs

Magnifcent views

And more curves

view 2

Rifle Gap campgrounds where I used to bring the boys

Hummingbirds at Rifle Gap

The "kids" swim @ Rifle Gap

Rifle Falls

John behind the largest falls

Inside a cave @ Rifle Falls

John in Rifle Creek

Brown Trout in Rifle Creek

Hot Dog anyone?

This morning we did our return trip

over the Million Dollar Highway. John was even able to keep his eyes open to take pictures.

He appeared very relaxed

though a couple of the pics didn't turn out.

I'm not sure if it was due to

motion of the road, or shaking of the hands.

We headed for Rifle Gap State Park. This is a park where I used to take the boys camping when they were younger. The campgrounds have changed tremendously. What was once primitive and shaded by pinon pine is now paved over with flush toilets and PAY showers. No kidding, $1.00 for 4 minutes of hot water. I've never seen anything like this before.

Our campsite was inundated by hummingbirds. They kept mistaking our red tail lights on Wheel Estate for a feeder & seemed very disappointed. Sasha & Sassy went wading in the lake, and Sassy even flushed out a kangaroo rat,(I think it scared her to have something actually come out of the hole she was sniffing).

The weather was beautiful as we made our way (sans dogs & Wheel Estate) to Rifle Falls. The falls were just as spectacular as I recalled.

The state has even improved (?) the area with paving stone sidewalks, bridges, benches, and informational postings. The mist off the falls was quite bracing

and we had to keep hiding the camera to protect it from moisture.

We took time to explore the caves behind the falls though the aroma of bat guano kept explorations to a very brief time. I didn't remember as many caves, but now that they've added steps to get up to them, you can see the ones you can't see from below.

Rifle Creek at the bottom of the falls was so crystal clear that we could see Brown Trout

swimming against the current. The fact that the creek was there enticed John to once again go wading. He pronounced it warmer than the creek in Silverton.

Back at the campsite John lit a fire and we roasted hot dogs for dinner.

They were yummy. Thank you to Mike for the sword weenie roasters. They worked great!!!

Tomorrow we head for Steamboat Springs.

Til then...

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